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HEEEEY! My name is


Creator of Knotless Nation,
Nationwide braid educator


"While healing countless Black women through braid appointments, and replacing traumatic braid experiences with pain free installs, I knew my late career change was right on time! I've been professionally teaching women that braids do not have to hurt way before knotless braids were trending and converting clients to this painless technique ever since!


From teaching thousands of Youtube viewers how to cornrow, to motivating and educating future professionals nationwide, becoming a stylist has been a fulfilling career path. However, the most rewarding experiences have come from educating clients about the beauty and versatility of their curly, coily, kinky hair and amplifying knotless braiding techniques through my hair services and FREE tips inside Knotless Nation!


It's about time the rest of the braid world finally caught up, but there is still work to do because...

"The future is Knotless!"
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As a licensed professional in the beauty industry, Kamilah's main focus is servicing curly, coily, kinky clients and providing the information needed for both clients, braid enthusiasts & future professionals to make empowered decisions. From braiding in the steps of Brooklyn to being the braider for Madonna's Celebration Tour, 2019 Madame X tour, to Beyonce's Black is King NYC braid team, installing the braid styles for "Dr. Nya Wallace" on Season 1 of the Sex and the City reboot, it's safe to say that the beauty industry has welcomed Kamilah with open arms!

Glitz & glamour aside, her real VIPs are everyday women. 

"You don't have to be the best to be booked! But you do have to start!"       - Kamilah

Get to know

Ms. Hair and Humor

Known for big hair and big laughs, "Ms. Hair and Humor" was born after realizing that women needed to take a serious look at their hair habits and how it impacted the condition of their natural hair. Even though the complicated relationship that many Black women have with their curls, coils and kinks is no laughing matter, having difficult conversations that inspire women to make a change for the better, is best served with a side of humor. Ms. Hair and Humor's mission to empower women is fueled by her purpose to educate and nurture. As a positive self-image and self love advocate, clients are reminded of their unique beauty. They leave uplifted and transformed through the power of hairstyling and of course, laughter.

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About me

clients say...

You are an amazing teacher & motivator. Whenever I doubt or get down on myself, your words of encouragement bring me back. The whole course is presented so clean, clear, logical & easy to follow.

It really is the blueprint.

"Naaahhhh you don't understand Kamilah your hands are gifted....seriously. And speaking for myself, you make the whole experience so dope and positive. Who wouldn't want to keep coming back? I am your customer for life!"

"Firstly, the hair was prepped. Every bit of the appointment was spent doing my hair. I washed my hair every week for 5 weeks and the braids held up beautifully. Over the years I have had many experiences with braiders...Kamilah's experience surpasses them all!"


Tools for braiders and braid lovers...

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